Career guidance test with artificial intelligence

Your personality type and career selection in one test.

How it works

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The test is free, anonymous, doesn't require sms and e-mail. It will only take you 10 minutes.
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Find out your personality type and the professions that will suit you and those that won't.
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Find out the professions in which you will be happy, get a full set of personal recommendations.
Track dynamics
Use the recommendations, work on yourself and take the test again. The service will show the dynamics of your success.

What you will find out about yourself

  • which can make you happy
  • which suit you free
  • which do not quite suit you free
  • which you should avoid
Personality type:
  • psychotype diagram and scale values for your personality free
  • your strong and weak sides in relationships
  • predispositions in intimate and family relationships
  • individual qualities in your worklife
Personal recomendations:
  • sources of motivation
  • sources of stress free
  • ways of fighting stress free
  • how you can contribute to your organization
  • how you can enhance productivity
  • indicators of a depressed mental state

Who needs this test

You are a student
You ride at full sail? There are several thousand professions and every one is unique. How to choose your life's work and not get disappointed.
You are 30 or 40
It's always useful to stop for a moment and put your life in perspective. What are your strenghts and hidden talents? Where to look for inspiration, fullfilment, energy and happiness? Let's try to figure it out!

What personality types are there?

Mentillion identifies 16 main personality types. Each of them is defined by unique features and worldview. Which one reflects you best?