13 signs you're an introvert even if you don't know it

Many people perceive introverts as shy, introverted people who strive to stay inside their world by any means. However, this is not a complete and correct representation. A person can be outwardly quite relaxed and not show any signs of shyness but simultaneously be an introvert. Subscribe to our Telegram channel. We often publish such valuable articles!

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1. You are not happy to meet new people

It doesn’t mean you don’t know how to make friends or experience problems in communication. Some people desire to expand their acquaintances. You are not. Read How to endure a big event if you are an introvert.

2. You can speak well but don’t participate in discussions

If a person is an introvert, then this does not mean that he is unable to connect two words or does not know how to speak in public. How capable and able! But after a brilliant speech, report or lecture, you are not too fond of answering questions or participating in disputes. Read How to meet at parties if you are an introvert.

3. You have extroverted friends

Amazing, right? However, opposites attract, so it’s natural for you to have super-sociable friends. But you keep them at a distance and let them approach you in a strictly dosed way to see the beauty of your loneliness once again. Read How to make friends with others if you are a modest introvert.

4. You don’t like large crowds

Concerts, parties, gatherings, and street crowds make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. There is no panic fear in you, but every time there is a subconscious desire to leave this wild place quickly.

5. You don’t like interviews and job interviews

Any such event requires the ability to quickly establish psychological connections with new people, which introverts are not very fond of. Therefore, they always prefer written answers and correspondence interviews to personal communication.

6. You are a true friend

Introverts are usually very loyal and honest people. They are, as a rule, self-sufficient individuals who value relationships in friendship and not the benefits they can bring.

7. Sometimes, you don’t do anything

Extroverts are always busy, always in the process. They are bored with being with themselves and strive to fill this void with any action. On the other hand, introverts can enjoy their own company and find pleasure in peace.

8. You prefer letters to calls

Your cell phone doesn’t often ring because all your friends and colleagues have already figured out that you’re better off texting or emailing. You do not understand how and why you can solve cases by phone if you have Gmail.

9. You connect with people for a long time

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t have friends. There are friends, but they are of exceptional quality. These are time-tested and circumstance-tested people who did not appear in your life by chance.

10. You are polite

The rich inner world and vulnerability of introverts make them more attentive to the feelings of others. Knowing how striking a careless gesture or word can be, they attach great importance to manners, etiquette, and traditions.

11. You try to plan

Extroverts are quite capable of breaking loose tomorrow on a trip around the world and, the day after tomorrow, spontaneously finding a new company. You have just as many exciting ideas, but before implementing them, you prefer to plan everything well. In writing, of course.

12. You feel older than your peers

Calmness, rationalism, restraint, and good manners were inherent in you even at a very young age, and this has always distinguished you from most of your peers. Sometimes you looked down on them a little, marveling at the spontaneity and thoughtlessness of their actions.

13. You can balance communication and loneliness

Although alone, you do not feel discomfort. You understand the need for socialization. Therefore, you try to attend parties, parties, and social events. You are not trying to force yourself and portray the company’s ringleader and the soul.

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