25 sources of energy for introverts

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1. Healthy sleep

The most important thing for an introvert is to restore balance and energy — seven hours of sleep in a well-ventilated room without gadgets and TV.

2. Meditation

Meditation teaches you to focus and control your state and consciousness — it is easy for introverts initially turn inward.

3. Yoga and oriental health practices

Yoga, qigong, and tai chi will balance your psycho-emotional state and help you manage yourself and your state.

4. Massage, SPA, self-care

Contact with oneself is lost if contact with the body is broken. Massages and other care procedures are pleasant and restore the connection between mind and body, helping you understand your physical condition.

5. Say no

Learn to listen to yourself and feel free to say “No” to unnecessary or untimely events, people, tasks, and deeds. It will save strength. Your source of strength is to give up everything unnecessary.

6. Cinema

1.5 hours of darkness, silence, empathy for the characters, and plot comprehension. Read Seven ways to increase empathy.

7. Reading

A classic type of recreation for introverts, starting from childhood.

8. Walk

Walk at least 10-15 minutes daily alone at lunchtime. It will recharge for the rest of the day and reset your head before work.

9. Jogging or rollerblading

Buy a bike, roller skates, or sneakers and get out with a loved one in the park. Combine spiritual communication, fresh air, and sports.

10. Driving

Another way to “meditate while driving”, according to introverts. It is a long-distance driving trip — when there is only you and the road.

11. Soulful conversation with a loved one

Feelings and experiences inside an introvert need to be thrown out to a loved one. If this does not work out, the introvert loses strength in internal experiences.

12. Individual consultation

Introverts are not alien to communication in a group, but an introvert likes to solve questions about personal and professional development face-to-face with a professional. It may be regular psychotherapy or coaching. The specialist will answer questions and give recommendations.

13. Water procedures

Water is a natural antidepressant. Lock yourself in the bathroom, go to the pool or the bath.

14. Hobbies from needlework to a hang glider

Take up a hobby: cross stitching, sawing with a jigsaw, drawing, flying an airplane. Do whatever you want, after which you feel rested and full of energy.

15. Making love

Get to know yourself and your partner. Feel and enjoy the closest contact in the world.

16. Photography

Retire and interact with the world. Explore the world around you in detail through the camera lens.

17. Care for living beings

When you care for animals and plants, you do not disconnect from your experiences.

18. Journey

Sometimes one day spent in other places gives more than ten years at home — sea or mountains, retreat or hiking. During a vacation, you can rethink your whole life and rediscover yourself.

19. Keep a diary

Written practice for reflection and introspection. Follow the experiences from the notes in the diary. The diary will help you sort things out.

20. Museum, exhibition, theater

Contemplate art. It is your source of inspiration.

21. Digital detox

Turn off your phone, computer, and communication with the outside world. At least 30 minutes a day.

22. Dedicated procrastination time

The time when you consciously do nothing. It is not laziness but a necessity. In moments of emptiness and silence, you break away from the usual cycle of things and hear an inner voice.

23. Plan and set goals

No more than 18 minutes a day to understand where you are directing and how you spend energy.

24. Self-improvement

Time to explore more deeply what develops or fascinates you. Introverts are true masters of “depth.”

25. Stop acting like someone else

Don't waste too much energy pretending to be a different person. Release these forces for other things and affairs. Start enjoying the fact that you were born into this world as an introvert!

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