5 ways to stay motivated when you feel like quitting everything

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1. Learn to look at the situation from the other side

Try flipping the arrows when you feel like someone at work is holding you back or making life difficult for you. If you leave one place, the same situation will likely repeat in a new one. After all, you will only make a physical change. Instead, it would help if you changed your attitude.

For example, one of my colleagues was very annoyed by his supervisor. He felt like she was asking too much of him. I suggested that he do this exercise: instead of repeating “She annoys me” all the time, say “I annoy her.” It helps to look at the situation from both sides.

We often project onto others what we do not want to recognize in ourselves. But you can’t dance the tango alone. When you understand that the other person also has feelings, you can change the relationship with him and his attitude towards work.

2. Look for new approaches

Don’t let obstacles stop you — change your approach. A friend recently said she wants to learn how to ride a bike. She is 30 years old and has problems with her inner ear, which affects her sense of balance. But she didn’t give up on her dream. She just bought a tricycle. If you want to do something, look for ways to overcome obstacles.

Don’t give up, and don’t shift the blame to others. Try to step back from the situation to look at it more objectively. Most likely, you will find an alternative path.

3. Get rid of self-centeredness

If we think the whole world revolves around us, we inevitably get into trouble. We take personal things that have nothing to do with us, and we are offended by the little things. Don’t give yourself unnecessary worries. Remember that it is up to you to hold a grudge against a person or ignore it. In my opinion, enmity and discontent do not bring any benefit but only hinder moving forward. And certainly not increase motivation. Letting them go makes me feel like I can live my life.

4. Understand that there is no perfect

Your job or life will never be perfect, and perfect people will never surround you. Don’t let that stop you (read How the fear of missing out on the best option prevents us from making decisions).

Better to start and fail than to do nothing and wait for the right opportunity. Having carried out your plan, you may be surprised at what little thing used to prevent you from moving forward.

5. Review your habits

All people tend to rely on habits and act automatically. But if the current algorithm of actions does not work, it’s time to change it.

Analyze your habits, and check which ones are good for you and which are not. Do not repeat something that does not bring results simply because you are used to doing it. Replace what doesn’t work with new habits. It may take just one change to get you motivated again.

And remember, nothing in itself has meaning: you put it into everything. You give meaning to your life, work, and relationships. Remind yourself often that you can control your reaction and the situation.

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