93% of employers want to see soft skills in candidates' resumes. Here are 8 of the most requested ones.

Let’s say you passed the test Menteora and received a list of recommended professions from our artificial intelligence. What to do next?

Write a resume that you will send to the company.

There are many ways to improve a resume. You can add to it what is most important to the employer in the employee. Career experts advise talking about your soft skills: for 93% of employers, communication skills play a decisive role in selecting candidates. Read How to tell a child what soft skills are.

With the participation of career experts, CNBC has compiled a list of the most important and demanded soft skills in the labor market. The list also shows the number of jobs on the ZipRecruiter job search platform that has a particular skill as a requirement.

  1. Communication skills. The number of jobs that list the skill: is 6.1 million.
  2. Customer service. 5.5 million vacancies.
  3. Planning: 5 million vacancies.
  4. Time management. 3.6 million vacancies.
  5. Project management. 2.8 million vacancies.
  6. Analytical thinking. 2.7 million vacancies.
  7. Ability to work independently. 2 million vacancies.
  8. Flexibility. 1.3 million vacancies.

Communication has become so important and has taken the lead in the skills required of employees thanks to remote and hybrid work, which is heavily dependent on technology, career experts say. How you respond to emails matters more than ever.

Planning and Time Management: Regardless of your position in the company, you need to organize your time to be efficient.

Flexibility means a person can quickly respond to a message and connect to Zoom. Multitasking and switching from one activity to another at any moment require ease.

Include social skills on your resume and describe how you used them in your resume introduction or paragraphs below the job description.

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The first step towards a new job is a resume that will grab the attention of recruiters.

Former Amazon recruiter and author of 7 Critical Resume Mistakes to Avoid, Lindsay Mustaine, notes that there are an average of 200-250 job seekers per job opening, and a recruiter spends only six seconds on each resume.

Mustaine gave three tips on how to write a resume that is understandable and attractive to any recruiter.


According to Mustaine, the first step is to decide on a resume format. You are in trouble if you can’t find information in three to six seconds. Think minimalistically. Choose a simple resume layout, free of photos and unnecessary details, so that the recruiter can find the needed information.


The summary should reflect two key points: scope and impact. Scope refers to the duties you performed in previous jobs and experience. Influence explains why it was necessary.

“You have two jobs at any company, no matter what you do. You either save money, or you make money—and maybe you do both,” Mustaine continues. “If you can articulate your scale and influence, using your experience, you have revealed the secret.”


The resume should be “keyword optimized” for the language of the company. “You need to use the right language to talk to your audience and make it make sense to them,” Mustaine explains.

Some resources let you compare the language used on your resume with the language of the job description. You can also explore the company’s website and social media to understand how they communicate with customers and use this as a guide.

Mustaine advises crafting a master resume based on the job openings of your three dream jobs. Then it remains only to adapt the resume to the requirements described in a particular vacancy.

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The test Menteora will show which soft skills you have developed and which are worth working on.