Check if you are an ambivert

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We know extroverts and introverts are energized. The ambivert is charged with internal emotions and contact with others. An evening with knitting and a crowded concert is equally pleasant for a person. Ambivert alternates leisure.

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Description of the ambivert

Even the most active extrovert sometimes takes a break from other people, and the most reserved introvert communicates. But in situations that are uncomfortable for them, they expend more energy. Conversely, Ambiverts switch easily and get energy from what they have at the moment.

Ambiverts cannot always be only in the role of an extrovert or introvert. They alternate different pastimes. Ambiverts do not like monotony.

Ambiverts have absorbed the qualities of extroverts and introverts. They successfully meet and take the initiative in the way that extroverts do. They are attentive to others, like introverts. Ambiverts are sociable and non-conflict.

It's a mistake for an ambivert to force himself to be an extrovert or introvert when it doesn't come naturally. It debilitates and reduces enthusiasm. Ambiverts need to contact people with a comfortable frequency.

Features of the ambivert

  • He can work independently and in a team — it does not matter to him.
  • He is comfortable around people, but if this goes on for too long, he wants to retire.
  • He likes to be in the center of everyone's attention, but not for long.
  • Half of the acquaintances consider him friendly. Others see him as a closed and quiet person.
  • Sometimes the ambivert spends time calmly, but if the rest is delayed, he begins to get bored.

Learn to switch and turn on the necessary qualities of your personality promptly. Ambiverts are highly adaptable to any situation. Your plus is the flexibility of character. Read Ambiverts are better leaders than extroverts and introverts. Why is it so?

Find out now if you are an ambivert. Artificial intelligence will name your most suitable professions. The accuracy of the test Menteora is 70-80% because we use a mathematical-statistical algorithm (read about Menteora's unique career guidance methodology).