Five ways to become more confident instantly

If you are under the oppression of doubts and complexes, learn to be proud of yourself and feel on top of yourself. But first, subscribe to our Telegram channel. We often publish such valuable articles!

1. Stop slouching

If you maintain good posture and walk with your head high, you’ll become more confident instantly.

First, stretch out as far as you can. Pull your shoulder blades down and back, and look straight ahead.

Spend a month fighting slouching — it will be a massive step toward a confident appearance. Soon you’ll be adequately holding your back without a second thought.

2. Slow down

When you are nervous, your voice sounds higher than usual, and you speak faster than you think.

If you are nervous when speaking in public, try to speak slower than you want to, and remember to breathe. You may feel like speaking too slowly, but your speech will sound good from the outside.

3. Smile

It’s easy to withdraw into yourself. That means you have a sad look on your face. Soon you’ll have a reputation as a “weird person in the corner.” So smile. To make it work sincerely, stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes, and put them down. Then open them, raising the corners of your lips simultaneously.

4. Play peek-a-boo

Unless you’re constantly working from home, sitting in your underwear, and talking only to your cat, you probably interact with people quite a bit. For example, coworkers at lunch, a clerk in a store, a waitress at a coffee shop, or random hitchhikers.

When was the last time you looked a person in the eye before they turned away? If you’re not confident, you’ve probably always been the first one to flinch. Now you will be the one who doesn’t look away.

Think of each interaction as a mini-battle.

As long as you smile and blink, you won’t look creepy. The first few times will be challenging if you’ve always been shy, but you must get through it. Once you get going, you’ll realize that others are just as nervous and will quickly turn away if you make eye contact with them long enough.

5. Take the label off of yourself

Sometimes, people can’t believe they’ve become different. For example, already being thin, they continue to feel fat. It’s time to get rid of the label you put on yourself.

Everyone feels the same way if you feel out of place. We all have doubts. They exist subconsciously and usually get in the way of getting what we want. Just stop thinking so much and get busy. If you are interested in someone, approach them within three seconds. Anything beyond that will make you overanalyze the situation and do nothing.

Remember: if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. So you have nothing to lose.

Immediately introduce yourself to strangers at the party. Cast aside all doubts: you will be considered relaxed and confident.


Here’s your homework assignment: walk down the street with your head held high and a big smile on your face, meet the eyes of at least five passersby and say a simple “hello” to them. Remember that they should be the first to look away.

You’ll feel awkward at first, but who cares? You will never see these people again. Next, you can move on to more complex tasks. For example, strike up a conversation with a stranger or give a speech in front of an audience. Read What to do if you always present yourself awkwardly.

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