Four questions to help you know if you're happy with your career

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1. Am I happy at my job?

Everyone has bad days when they want to quit. It’s only natural. But think about it, do you enjoy your regular daily work? Do you anticipate working on new projects at the end of your vacation? Try to identify which tasks you enjoy, and consider whether there are opportunities to do them more often.

If you can’t think about returning to work without dreading it, it might be time to look for something new. Read Eight signs you love your job.

2. In what direction is my career headed?

Most people have difficulty answering where they see themselves in five years because they don’t think about it. Of course, there’s no time to plan when you’re up to your ears in the business when new goals constantly emerge and your industry proliferates. So vacation is a perfect time to reflect on whether you’ve headed in the right direction.

Imagine what skills you still need to gain to succeed. Are there people who can help you develop those skills? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your skills and take some courses. Perhaps even your company can pay for some of that training. Think about who you can learn this from. Read 11 flexible skills that will advance your career.

3. Who do I need to get to know?

Colleagues are not only those who work with you in the same company. They are also all the people in your profession. Look for professional communities to join. In them, you can learn about the latest trends in your field and share experiences with people who are solving the same problems as you.

Also, think about which colleagues at your current job you would like to connect with and how to do so. Read Networking with empathy: what is it, how, and why to build it.

4. What am I missing?

It’s excellent if work gives you a sense of purpose and satisfaction, but you shouldn’t forget about hobbies either. They’re energizing and serve as a steam valve to release the stress you’ve accumulated at work. It’s also a great way to connect with people from other walks of life.

Think back to hobbies you’ve neglected for lack of time, or try something completely new. Read Five obstacles to turning a hobby into a profession.

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