How does the career guidance test work?

A career guidance test, based on personal characteristics, selects a profession in which a person can fully reveal all his talents.

The know-how of our test is a function of predictive psychodiagnostics. It predicts your job satisfaction in a particular field of activity.

By filling out the questionnaire, you will receive a list of professions with a percentage coefficient and how each suits you.

Such a forecast (prediction) is formed using artificial intelligence (AI) models trained on the questionnaires of people who filled out our test.

After filling out the questionnaire, artificial intelligence compares your answers with the patterns formed during training. As a result, an assessment is calculated of whether you like the profession or not.

When and how to take the career guidance test

Be sure to take our test if you decide to change your profession. It is the first thing to do when you don't know where to start.

You can determine your future profession from school. It is advisable to take tests every year to consider changing interests or, conversely, to confirm your choice. We advise you to take the test if you want to change your profession. Find out what five myths prevent you from changing your tedious job. Read Four pitfalls that prevent you from making a career change. And what approach should you take.

Conduct testing in a calm, neutral environment. For the most accurate results, do not take the test while you are under the influence of movies, tours of businesses, or interactions with industry representatives.

Take the Menteora career guidance test; artificial intelligence will name your most suitable professions. The accuracy of the test is 70-80% because we use a mathematical-statistical algorithm (read about Menteora's unique career guidance methodology).