How does the Neural Network Menteora work?

The Neural Network Menteora determines your personality type. Plus, based on your answers, it predicts a list of professions in which you will succeed. And it names jobs that do not suit you.

The Neural Network Menteora is a career-oriented personality test.

What do you learn about yourself from a personality type report?

After passing the Neural Network Menteora, you will find out which of the 16 personality types corresponds to your personality type.

personality type Menteora

In addition to the type of personality in the report, you will find:

Personality scales

Scales of your personality. On the scales, you will see:

  1. What are your introversion/extroversion scores?
  2. You will learn how you work with information: sensory or intuitive.
  3. You will learn how to make decisions: logically or rely on feelings.
  4. You will know how you perceive the world around you: rationally or irrationally.

Personality profile chart

Personality scales and Personality profile chart Menteora

You will see your personality profile graphically. The graph clearly shows which personality traits you have developed more strongly and which qualities can be developed.

Description of your personality type

Description of your personality type Menteora

In the report, you will see a detailed personality type description. You will learn more about yourself and understand yourself better. This information will explain how and why you act in critical situations.

Your strengths

Your strengths Menteora

You will recognize your strengths. This information will help you understand precisely how to achieve your goals. What personality traits are best to rely on for maximum results.

Relationships with people

Relationships with people Menteora

In this section, you will find out what is vital for you in meeting people, what exactly you are looking for, and find in friendship. Find out how people perceive you. This information will help you influence the right people.

Romantic relationships and family

Romantic relationships and family Menteora

The report describes how you build romantic relationships and what you consider the most important in a relationship. You will learn how your relationship develops with your partner and the children in the family.


Individual qualities in your worklife Menteora

From the report, you will discover what laws your career develops and how to use it to succeed in your work. You will learn how colleagues treat you and how you perceive colleagues.

Interesting about you

Interesting about you Menteora

In this section, you will learn the following:

  • what motivates you;
  • your contribution to the organization where you work;
  • what causes you stress;
  • how to beat your stress;
  • where and what you need to do to be productive.

There is also career guidance with artificial intelligence in the report. And this is the most exciting and helpful feature of the Neural Network Menteora.

What will you learn after career guidance?

From the Menteora report, you will find out in which areas of activity our algorithm recommends that you develop a career so that you like and enjoy your work. But how did our algorithm know about it? After all, the Neural Network Menteora does not test your professional knowledge and skills, does it? The secret is that we use mathematical statistics and machine learning.

The answers of each passed test Menteora are analyzed by artificial intelligence. Thanks to machine learning, the algorithm will recommend areas of activity and specific professions.

In the Neural Network Menteora report, you will see a list of areas of activity recommended to you personally, with a list of professions in each area. The areas of activity will be arranged in the order that Menteora artificial intelligence recommends them to you. From the most recommended to those, the algorithm does not recommend to you.

Career guidance Menteora

You can use this valuable information from the Menteora report if:

  • you want a profession that suits your personality type;
  • you want to change a boring job for one that suits you better;
  • you want to go to study for a new profession, but you can’t choose a field of activity;
  • you are a student and cannot decide which specialization to choose;
  • you feel that your career has stopped because you are working in a job that is not suitable for you;
  • you want to know if there are professions in which you will feel happy and realize your strengths.

The career guidance part of the Menteor report is the most exciting and valuable feature of the test Menteora. This function contains the know-how of the test Menteora. Career guidance distinguishes us from other personality tests.

How does the Neural Network Menteora work?

We have developed the Neural Network Menteora together with practicing psychologists. We strive to be as accurate as possible in assessing the personality type of each of our users. We did this by taking a deeply scientific layered approach to testing.

Our test questions are designed by one group of psychologists and reviewed by another team of psychologists. It guarantees the accuracy and efficiency of the Neural Network Menteora.

We continue beyond there and improve our statistical algorithms. Artificial intelligence receives more and more information, and its predictive accuracy is growing.

By answering the test questions, you give our algorithm the information necessary to assess your personality. After the end of the test, artificial intelligence compares your answers with the answers of hundreds of thousands of predecessors. It provides a detailed report on your personality type with career guidance.

The simple design of the test Menteora lets you focus on what matters most: answering the questions.

Test Menteora

We put the same care and attention into our users' reports after testing. 92% of those who passed the test Menteora are satisfied with it and the report.

In a few clicks, you will discover your personality’s strengths and weaknesses and understand how to become better and more successful with the help of the received report. Recommended professions will tell you which field of activity you are more likely to succeed in and which career is best for you to study.

All this information will allow you to succeed and achieve more in the long run than you would have without knowing it.

How the Neural Network Menteora can predict appropriate jobs without testing your knowledge and skills

We figured out how to use artificial intelligence in career counseling when we have hundreds of thousands of completed tests from our users. In each of the tests, the profession of the person who filled out the questionnaire is indicated, and the answer is whether he likes his current job and whether this profession allows him to realize himself in life.

We trained artificial intelligence on this massive amount of data. Menteora artificial intelligence revealed patterns in how people answered test questions and occupations. Now each newly completed questionnaire is compared with the answers to previous questionnaires.

When you pass the test, artificial intelligence compares your answers with its database and selects a group of people who similarly answered the test. Everyone in this group of people like you reported their profession and the degree of their satisfaction with this profession.

Menteora artificial intelligence builds a statistical sequence of professions from the most satisfactory to the least satisfactory. This sequence is unique for people with answers similar to yours. In the report, you see this sequence of fields of activity with specific professions.

The trick is that we did not test you for professional suitability for these professions. We used statistics from your predecessors’ massive amount of data. And therefore, the predictive accuracy of the Neural Network Menteora is higher than traditional career guidance tests.

Our Neural Network is more accurate because it predicts suitable professions for you, even if you don’t know anything about these professions at all. And the traditional test recommends only those professions for which you have enough knowledge and skills. If you studied for a dull, tedious job, standard career guidance would still advise you on the work you seek. After all, you can’t do anything else. A traditional career counselor cannot see in you a predisposition to some radically different professions than those that suit your education.

Our Neural Network predicts who you’d be better off as, even if you’re not ready yet, even if you do not have any knowledge and no professional skills for these professions. Menteora forecast is valuable because it predicts a successful career with a probability of 70-80% if you learn these professions. It’s an ingenious use of artificial intelligence.

Remember that the Menteora report’s professional forecast is only a forecast. It has high accuracy (70-80%). But it remains a forecast, and it is necessary to perceive it correctly.

The Menteora Career Forecast predicts in which occupation you are most (and which profession least likely) to succeed at work and have a happy career. You can use the report to choose who to study. And you can select your next job if you want to change your profession.


The Neural Network Menteora is a unique combination of personal testing and career guidance through artificial intelligence.

With the help of the test, you will find out why you act the way you do in most essential situations. And get recommendations for professions in which artificial intelligence, with a probability of 70-80%, predicts you will have a successful and happy career.