How is the Menteora test different from 16 Personalities

The “16 Personalities test” will reveal your personality type — this is a psychological test. Menteora’s algorithm guides people in a fundamentally new way that differs from the traditional approach. Do you want to know how our test works and why Menteora needs machine learning? Read the article. But first, subscribe to our Telegram channel. We often publish such valuable articles!

We don’t do what 16 Personalities does

The Menteora test is sometimes confused with the “16Personalities test.” Because both with them and with us in the test results, you will see your personality type according. On our site, as well as on-site “16 Personalities,” there is a description of personality types. Read more about the personality test Menteora here. You might think that Menteora does the same thing as “16 Personalities.” But it’s not!

The “16Personalities” website tests people to determine their personality type. All other 16 Personalities services are based on the type of personality that their test determines. The MBTI typology is the basis for all “Sixteen Personalities” services.

The Menteora website will test you to find the most suitable professions for you. That is why Menteora needs to get your answers to the test questions. We determine the typology of personality according to our methodology. You will find your personality type as a result of the test. But we don’t use your personality type in career advice. Our career guidance is based on exactly how you answered each question. And on analyzing your answers by a neural network trained on 200,000+ questionnaires filled out before you. Read What is the best profession to study if you decide to change jobs: career guidance for the future.

What exactly do we offer?

We conduct career guidance based on the results of answers to test questions. Our career guidance does not depend on your professional skills and knowledge. We do not use psychology for career guidance. We forecast which professions will be ideal for you because you will love your job and like it. Likely, you are not yet professionally prepared for these professions. You may have never thought about working where the Menteora algorithm suggests. You may not even know about the existence of some professions! However, we claim that you will be satisfied with your life and work and ultimately happy, working where our algorithm advises. The probability of this is 70-80%!

The essence of the Menteora method

Our predictive model is based on statistics. More than 220,000 people have taken our test. Each of them indicated his work and told whether he liked his work or not. Our neural network analyzed these many people’s responses and learned to look for patterns. Once you pass the test, the neural network will find several thousand people who answered our test questions almost the same way as you. All these people said who they work for and whether they like their work. After that, the algorithm will give you a list of professions. Opposite each profession, there will be a percentage of how much this profession is recommended to you. The algorithm assumes that if people answer many questions in much the same way as you, they must be very similar to you in some way. And if there are several thousand people similar to you, then it is very likely that professions that make these people like you happy will be equally suitable for you. We have found that the probability of this is 70-80%! Read How does career guidance lead to success in life and career?


  • Menteora is a new-generation career guidance service (with the function of predictive psychodiagnostics).
  • Uses machine learning.
  • Does not test your knowledge or skills.
  • Does not rely on personality type.
  • Uses a model based on mathematical statistics.

We predict in what professions you will like to work and what kind of work, in the end, will make you satisfied with life. Menteora, with a probability of about 80%, will identify professions for which you have a predisposition.

Take the Menteora career guidance test; artificial intelligence will name your most suitable professions.