How to endure a big event if you are an introvert

The difference between extroverts and introverts is that the former are energized by communication with people, while the latter lose it. If you have this problem, here are some tips to overcome it. But first, subscribe to our Telegram channel. We often publish such valuable articles!

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1. Only participate in meaningful conversations with new people

At significant events, like conferences, hundreds of people are in attendance. And after just a few handshakes, you may already feel exhausted. But if you don’t want to be left out, you’ll have to contact other attendees at the event.

Don’t aim to meet as many people as possible. It’s better to have a meaningful conversation with a few people than to talk to everyone about nothing. It will make you much more pleased. Read The truth about introverts and extroverts.

2. When you feel uncomfortable, stay for another 30 minutes

If you catch yourself thinking you want to run away, don’t worry. It’s good to recognize this impulse. Take a deep breath and compete with yourself: “Can I stand another half hour?” You can leave if you want to hide and be alone after that time.

However, there is a high probability that you will spend more time there after such a little self-deception and will not even notice it. Read 13 signs you're an introvert even if you don't know it.

3. Give yourself a 30-60 minute break

If the event lasts an entire day or even several days, you will undoubtedly get tired of being in a crowd of people for hours on end. Find the time in your schedule when you can rest and gain energy. Take a walk, have a coffee, or go home and take a refreshing shower. Read The top 5 questions about introverts.

4. Talk to someone alone

If you get lost in conversations with many people, just stay out of them if the event allows it. Find someone you find interesting and enjoyable to spend time with and keep a dialogue with them. Plus, this way, you’ll have a better chance of getting to know the other person better. Read How to become a leader if you are an introvert.

5. Take part in activities that interest you

If the event’s topic matches your interests, it will be much easier to endure. You can learn new things and get valuable information that will help you in the future. You won’t notice how time flies by listening to interesting lectures and participating in valuable workshops.

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