I'm an introvert and won't come to your party. I have better things to do!

I accidentally overheard the thoughts of one person looking at a letter with an invitation to a holiday party. Subscribe to our Telegram channel. We often publish such valuable articles!

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Sorry, but I’m an introvert (read Who is an introvert), and I won’t be able to attend your party.

You probably don’t understand this because you are different. You like to have fun, communicate with people, and just be in society. You may even be offended.

But I will try to explain.

Yes, I am an introvert. And I learned about it not today or even yesterday but much earlier. Before it became a trendy topic in the online press, everyone began to find these signs themselves. Read Why you shouldn't hide your introversion.

I didn’t choose and didn’t aspire to be an introvert. I didn’t choose and didn’t aspire to be an introvert.

I’m just a loner who has adapted well to life among people. All I need is my favorite sofa, an orderly daily routine, and a job where I will be in less contact with strangers. I have enough occasional communication with my family and a few friends. I feel highly uncomfortable in a crowd or public event with thousands of excited spectators. If I want to watch a concert or sporting event, I sit comfortably on my favorite couch and turn on YouTube.

But back to business.

Here I am looking at your invitation, which says that “there will be a lot of people and a lot of fun!”. Three exclamation marks. They should probably express extreme admiration for the upcoming holiday. I hate conflicts and do not want, of course, to offend anyone. But I’ll tell it the way it is.

I can’t attend your party (read How to meet at parties if you are an introvert). When I am among all these cheerful, unceremonious people, my hands begin to sweat, and my eyes search for a secluded dark corner.

I seek to hide in a dark corner, like a crab washed ashore by a surf wave, and return to its native element.

Yes, I know you invite me from the bottom of your heart, and perhaps my presence means something to you. But I won’t come to your party next week or next year. I’m an introvert and have better things to do than sit in a dark corner at a party. I’d instead read the old articles that are all waiting in line, watching a movie, or cleaning up the house. Honestly, I would rather sit and stare at the wall than attend this party. Sorry.

No, I like, of course, music, cake, and gifts. But why are all these people there, and why do they talk endlessly? The most terrible thing is that there is negligible helpful information in all these conversations. And it gets terrible when drinking comes into play. No, I will probably spend this evening in the Wikipedia community.

— What? Have you prepared a present for me? How cute...

— Can you send it by delivery service?

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