Introvert or sociophobe?

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Nowadays, fewer and fewer people believe in myths. However, they continue to confuse introversion with social phobia. And social anxiety is mistakenly considered an extreme form of introversion. There are sociophobic-introverts and sociophobic-extroverts. Read I'm an introvert and won't come to your party. I have better things to do!

Introversion is a character trait. It is an innate personality trait. It is an innate trait. It can occur when parents forbid asking for help so people don't consider their child weak. Or being the center of attention in childhood, the child felt uncomfortable. Read How to understand that you are a natural social phobe.

The second difference is that an introvert feels good when alone and energized. For sociophobes, loneliness only reduces the level of anxiety. It is easier to refuse to communicate with people to avoid seeming stupid or feeling awkward. Hiding behind a mask of indifference, sociophobes do not go to a party, although deep down, they may want to.

Introversion is different from social phobia. You can get rid of social phobia. And introversion is a type of temperament. You can acquire the habits of an extrovert, but you will most likely remain an introvert forever. But don't think that extroverts are happier than introverts. It is not valid.

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