Menteora's unique career guidance methodology

Menteora is a mathematical BigData-based career guidance startup with artificial intelligence. We predict your success in different professions with up to 80% accuracy. 97% of our users are satisfied with the full report. You can take the Menteora test for free first, and if you want to see the full report, you can buy it. Menteora test is different from 16 Personalities.

We created a startup for career guidance that is unrivaled in the world regarding implemented functionality because we use a statistical-mathematical model for career guidance rather than personality-type methodologies.

We don’t use psychology. We use statistics.

To train our neural networks, we must rely on accurate data that does not change over time. A person’s personality type (e.g., the personality type determined by the personality test) is not an accurate baseline because the same person can take the test twice and get different results. For example, he was in a different psychological state after a while. Suppose we train neural networks to rely on the division of people by personality type. In that case, it will produce two sets of recommended professions for two different personality types of the same person, which is unacceptable because the person’s temperament has not changed. And only his assessment of the personality test has changed.

We do not use people’s personality types for career guidance. And that makes us different from our competitors.

Mentellion Algorithm

We needed a reliable profiling system. We came up with one. We called our algorithm Mentellion.

What is the Mentellion algorithm (that’s what we call the algorithm of our startup Menteora)? Mentellion is just a mathematical model + statistics + processing large amounts of data by a neural network. It is not a psychological test. The algorithm’s work does not rely on psychology or psychological profiling and does not use psychological methods in any way. We do not use psychological testing for profiling. Although going to the site, you will see the personality test. We do not use personality profiles for career guidance but show them in the results because they interest many.

The algorithm works as follows. We have developed our personality type questionnaire. We have professional psychologists on our team. We use proven and well-established test theory principles to develop our test structure. The experts developed questions for the Menteor test. These tests are peer-reviewed by other experts to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness.

We tested 200,000 people with the resulting test. Thus, we obtained a data set, which is a compilation of answers to the test questions. It is important to remember that the obligatory questions of our test are such as:

  1. What is your profession?
  2. Are you satisfied with your profession?

We trained a neural network to find patterns in the answers of tested people and thus derived recurring user profiles with an assumed probability (not to be confused with psychological profiles, please). All of these profiles told us about their professions and their degree of satisfaction in their professions. We could find a correlation between how people answered the questions and their favorite profession when we had many test responses.

Once trained, our neural network can based on this giant statistic, predict with up to 80% accuracy the occupations that each test taker will be most satisfied with. Such accuracy is achieved precisely because we do not rely on psychology in profiling but have generated profiles based solely on a mathematical model. A large amount of data allowed us to predict satisfaction in 130+ occupations.

What does this mean for you? When you take our test, artificial intelligence will compare your answers to hundreds of thousands of predecessors and find an aggregate profile of users who answered the test the same way you did. The algorithm knows the occupations of the people in that aggregate profile and derives patterns of how much each occupation is liked by people who similarly answered the test questions. If people of a similar aggregate profile like certain professions, then it is statistically likely that those professions will suit you too. In practice, we have obtained a prediction accuracy of 70 to 80%. When you pass our test, the algorithm will give you a list of professions most suitable for you. The test does not check the skills or knowledge needed for these professions. It predicts which professions you will be happiest in.

Why do we use personality typology

Many people want to know their personality type. And this is enough for many users because this is what they came to our site for. But the essence of our startup is career guidance using a mathematical model of profiling users by their answers to questions. 

We analyze the array of responses and identify patterns. We created a mathematical BigData startup with no analogs in the world. No one has thought (or managed) to use a mathematical model to process responses. Our competitors, with whom we are wrongly compared — known to all determine the psychological type of their users by MBTI. This is psychological testing. We don’t rely on psychology. We use the power of neural networks. Neural networks (artificial intelligence) allow us to process incredible amounts of data and predict occupations that a person will be most satisfied with — relying only on the statistics of the responses of hundreds of thousands of people. Not your psychology.

Our methodology is described in scientific articles on peer-reviewed sites:

Take the Menteora career guidance test, and artificial intelligence will name your most suitable professions. The accuracy of the test is 70-80% because we use a mathematical-statistical algorithm: