My child is an introvert

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Most parents want their children to be friendly, energetic, and not shy about exploring the world. It upsets them if the child is quiet and prefers solitude, even if it is happy.

It is complicated for extroverted parents. They force the child to interact with other children, which is uncomfortable for him. When such coercion fails, parents are convinced that the child is not all right. However, the problem is in the parents' expectations, not the child's.

Give your child a gift: accept him as he is. Encourage physical activity and healthy communication. But find out where the child feels comfortable. And what will give him emotional growth and organic development?

Let your child choose how and with whom to communicate. Then he will not feel punished. Read Why you shouldn't hide your introversion.

Benefits of living with an introverted child

The introverted child does not show unbridled enthusiasm but is restrained in making more thoughtful and informed choices. Introverted children are less susceptible to peer pressure and avoid those who might negatively influence them. Most introverted children connect with family or close friends and will turn to you for support when needed. Introverted children tend to be more diligent and achieve tremendous success in science, creativity, or individual sports.

Is your child happy? Is he well adapted to life? If so, then stop worrying for no reason. Introversion is just one of your child's character traits, which does not make him worse or better than the rest or less happy than extroverts. Read The truth about introverts and extroverts.

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