My girlfriend is an introvert

An introverted woman is a unique topic for discussion. While some women enjoy chattering and attracting attention to themselves, introvert girls silently wonder if some female gene is missing in them.

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Society appreciates girls who behave easily and naturally, smile at strangers and giggle for any reason. Introverted girls are more retarded, less talkative, and less able to feign enthusiasm than extroverted girls. The dazzling charm of sociable women quickly overshadows their quiet dignity, and it turns out that introverted women remain in the shadows. Read How to understand that you are a natural social phobe.

At the same time, society has a different attitude towards female and male introverts. No one accuses a man when he does not participate in meaningless chatter but retires, reads a book, or watches TV. And a woman is obliged to enthusiastically keep up the conversation about the new film, the upcoming vacation, and everything in the world. If a man and a woman switch places in this situation, everyone will think that the woman is sick or she is abnormal, or maybe just ill-mannered.

Many introverted women try to hide behind the mask of an extrovert. They break themselves and pretend. But they still fall short of female extroverts. You can't change yourself.

Don't torture yourself. Each person is beautiful in their way. A woman can be anything: both quiet and friendly. Let many believe that a woman should be “normal” and have the qualities of an extrovert. And that extroverts are not happier than introverts. Accept the fact that there is no norm. Read The truth about introverts and extroverts.

Here is a list of female introverts who have been successful:

  • Young and talented introvert Emma Watson
  • Inimitable introvert Audrey Hepburn
  • An introvert who gave us a new magical world — JK Rowling
  • Former First Lady Laura Bush

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