A new neural network that will tell you which professions suit you. And it's not ChatGPT.

You can find the new Menteora neural network at https://menteora.com. She predicts which professions will suit you the most. Forecast accuracy reaches 80%!

At the same time, Menteora does not evaluate your knowledge and skills. This neural network will tell you which job is best for you, even if you have no professional skills.

Are you wondering how it works?

How does the Menteora Neural Network work?

Menteora developers used predictive psychodiagnostics to train a neural network to predict areas of activity in which users will be most satisfied.

The user needs to pass a simple test from the general questions to get the input data for the neural network. The questions are in many ways similar to the MBTI test. Only there are only 64 of them in the Menteora test.

At the end of the profile test, you will learn the psychological characteristics of your personality using the KPMI methodology. But the most exciting thing that the Menteora neural network does is a professional prediction based on the test results.

The neural network is trained on more than 200 thousand tests. Now anyone can use this neural network.

How to use the Menteora Neural Network?

For the neural network to determine your preferred areas of activity, you must pass the test. It is on the Menteora website. The test takes only 5-10 minutes. It consists of general questions with multiple answers.

After the test, you will see your report. There are 2 versions of the information: free and commercial.

The free version of Menteora will tell you a lot about your personality type. And it will give 10 recommended professions out of 26. These will not be the most recommended areas of activity. I recommend that you buy a commercial report, which will contain complete information about you.

The commercial version of the report costs $10. In it, you will find the most exciting details about your personality:

  1. description of your personality type
  2. strengths
  3. relationships with people
  4. romantic relationships, and family
  5. career.

And get a list of 26 areas of activity that Menteora recommends to you first of all. See a demo of what it looks like.

How to apply the result in your career?

A description of your personality type will tell you your strengths and explain what your weaknesses are. This will help you understand why and how you act in different situations. And you will also realize what shortcomings prevent you from living a fulfilling life.

You can use the career forecast to choose your future profession. You will understand who is the most profitable for you to go to work. And where better not to hire.

You will be able to choose the right educational institution and specialty. You will unmistakably choose the courses you need.

Why is a Menteora forecast better than a career counselor’s advice?

All traditional career counselors work the same way. They find out their client’s skills and knowledge and recommend to him such professions where these skills are needed.

But clients of career consultants have yet to come to the consultation for that. These people have developed their skills in a job that bores them. They want to change the field of activity. But they must figure out who to study for to save precious time. Advising such people to go to precisely the same job is wrong!

The Menteora neural network predicts users’ preferred areas of activity with high accuracy, even if users lack knowledge and skills. As a result, users leave boring jobs for radically different places and achieve success there.

Traditional career counselors don’t do that.