Scientists have confirmed that musical taste is associated with personality type

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Psychologists from the University of Cambridge in the UK and Bar-Ilan University in Israel published a study in which they told how musical preferences are related to a person’s character.

Participants in the study chose which musical genres they liked and which didn’t. In total, 285,000 people from 53 countries passed it.

The organizers evaluated the listeners’ preferences using four criteria: complex, aggressive, relaxing, and dynamic music. Based on the observations’ results, psychologists identified a clear connection between favorite tracks and personality type.

  • For example, extroverts prefer danceable, energetic music, rap, funk, or soul, and they prefer contemporary artists.
  • People with a high level of consciousness avoid overly emotional and intense compositions, enjoying genres such as blues, jazz, and folk.
  • But benevolent people prefer relatively calm music, including religious genres, pop artists, country music, and compositions from soundtracks.
  • We also found out that fans of heavy music like alternative rock and heavy metal are more prone to neuroticism, that is, to emotional instability and anxiety.

This study showed that the language of music is universal — it has common patterns in preferences, providing a framework for developing and testing hypotheses about the interactions between music, psychology, biology, and culture, the scientists added.

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