Temperament colors

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What is temperament

Psychologists who test people identify 16 personality types. You belong to one of them. Each personality type is different from the others. But they also have standard features. Therefore, psychologists have simplified the personality type classification, dividing all 16 types into four groups according to temperament. Each group has four personality types. To make it easier for you to understand what it is about: temperament is a certain quality of personality that prevails in a person's character.

Take the test Menteora right now and determine your personality type. So it is more interesting to read about the colors of temperament. As a bonus, Menteora artificial intelligence will name professions where you will reveal your potential to the maximum!

Where did temperament colors come from?

For clarity, psychologists have designated each type of temperament with its color. And here's what happened in the end:

  • Red — analysts: people who are confident in themselves and their abilities.
  • Green — diplomats: self-sufficient people who respect themselves.
  • Blue — guardians: people who are satisfied with themselves and the world.
  • Yellow — seekers: internally free people.

Please do not confuse your favorite color with the color of your temperament. If your personality type is red, you don't have to like red only. The division into colors is conditional. Although often, the color of temperament coincides with your favorite color.

A detailed description of temperament colors


Conquer, succeed and assert. People with a red temperament want to explore the whole world. They require constant doses of adrenaline. Often enterprising. Overcome and achieve goals at any cost. Sometimes, to succeed, they tightly control themselves because it is easier for them to handle the situation.


Strive for material stability. Get it at any cost. Appreciate the attributes of success: real estate, car, wardrobe, influential friends.

Strive for power, manipulate others, and be categorically critical. They demonstrate their superiority, sometimes disguising it as interest, care and mercy.

Scrupulously accurate, analyze and remember everything. Express ideas. They know how to manage events and are proud of it. They demand recognition and respect for their values.


They love to have fun in any way. They prefer to relax, be at peace, and be in nature. They do not like intellectual tasks.

Often touchy, distrustful, and restless. Build and maintain family and professional ties. Looking for peace in relationships.

They trust other people and expect reciprocity.


Great inventors and dreamers. They love to travel and learn new things. Dream of a miracle, and live for the future. They prefer the unknown.

They strive for independence and consider freedom the primary value. In relationships, they do not show initiative, waiting for the partner to build them himself. Afraid to be misunderstood.

Happy to help others.

What color is each personality type





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