The driving force behind your personality type

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ISTJ administrator — strive for stability

ISTJ administrators are logical and consistent in their actions. They observe what is happening worldwide, analyze, and make informed, risk-free decisions. They seek stability and comfort—for themselves and those around them. Everything they do is accurate and accurate.

ESTJ manager — achieve goals

ESTJ managers are responsible and hardworking. They feel energized when they cross one completed task off their to-do list. Activities and favorite work areas for them are an inexhaustible source of strength and energy. It is vital for a manager to feel involved in moving the organization forward. To do this, they apply maximum strength and ability. When the same enthusiastic people work nearby, it pleases the ESTJ even more.

ISTP virtuoso — be curious

ISTP virtuosos seem cold and independent to others. The Masters are passionate and enthusiastic natures. They are reckless, have many hobbies, and strive to learn new ones. They are driven by irrepressible inner energy and openness to various experiences that give new sensations.

ESTP enthusiast — challenge

Attractive, charismatic, and adaptable Self-starting ESTP enthusiasts take on the world's challenges with passion and ease. They love to go beyond the possible limits and climb to new heights, for example, in business. Fearless ESTPs feel an influx of energy when others doubt their abilities. Freedom is essential to them. They overcome difficulties and change to feel better.

ISFJ caring helper — to be protected

Caring helpers ISFJ create stability in the turbulent flow of life. They want to care for others and create a calm and safe environment. Next to them, people are warm, safe, and comfortable. Being close to the Helper, people feel gratitude for the created comfort and favorable environment.

ESFJ consul — keep in touch with people

ESFJ Consuls intuitively understand people's needs and emotions and are highly empathetic. They create exciting events and a harmonious atmosphere. Sincerely care about others. Next to the Consul, feel comfortable and easy. Helping others, the Consul feels needed and experiences true joy from life. ESFJs connect with strangers and build relationships.

ISFP creator — find beauty

ISFP creators look for beauty and harmony in their souls and the world around them. They subtly see, notice the details and find that they improve the lives of the people around them. They enjoy doing good and adding beauty to the world. They love to communicate with pleasant and friendly people.

ESFP everybody's friend — to be on an adventure

ESFP believes there is always room and time for an adventure. Whether backpacking the Himalayas or finding adventure on the way to work, they fill their lives and the lives of those around them with bright colors and impressions. Change, move forward, be active — this completes the ESFP's life. It drives them forward.

INTJ strategist — develop strategies

All friends of INTJ are constantly thinking about how things will unfold in the future. Realizing their vision, they set a goal, make a plan and think about how to realize it. Friends analyze and anticipate well. Friends love to engage in self-development. They are drawn to new knowledge. When they learn and possess relevant information, they strengthen their position in life.

ENTJ commander — realize the vision

ENTJ commanders set long-term goals and achieve them. They have the talent of a leader-strategist and rally people to realize their plans. They fix any inefficient system, establishing an efficient, uninterrupted process. Commanders enjoy thinking about the future and planning. They are happy to increase the competence of the people around them.

INTP scientist — understand the essence of things

INTP scientists strive to understand how the world works. They easily penetrate the essence of phenomena and processes, highlighting the fundamental principles and decomposing the main thing into components. Able to work with complex systems. They see logical inconsistencies and reasons that stand in the way of solving problems. They have many ideas and hobbies that give them food for thought. Total immersion in solving a complex problem gives people of this rare personality type an undeniable pleasure.

ENTP entrepreneur — to invent

ENTPs want to turn things around and find innovative solutions to long-standing problems. Never content with what they have. ENTP entrepreneurs change everything around them and make the world better and more efficient. They are looking for new approaches and succeed in technological and scientific fields.

INFJ oracle — listen to intuition

Closed and difficult for others to understand, INFJ Oracles look for meaning and logic in everything surrounding them. They comprehend the essence of things and the structure of the Universe and turn to spiritual and mystical experiences in this process that is significant for them. Intuition permeates their lives and daily activities. They imagine and discover new things. Oracles like to help other people find higher meanings in life.

ENFJ promoter of values — unleash potential

A promoter of values, ​​ENFJs are born leaders. They want to see how the people around them discover and fulfill their potential. ENFJ has a natural talent for helping others develop, learn, and grow. The true passion of the Mentors is to improve the world by tapping into the potential of the people (read Who a mentor is). They love to interact with people, achieving high and humane goals together.

INFP moral fighter — feel whole

INFP ​​are constantly looking for meaning and asking themselves: “Who am I?”. They want to get to the bottom of things and understand what they can do for the world. INFP selflessly serve the cause they have chosen. Their motivation comes from deep within (read five ways to stay motivated when you feel like quitting everything). INFP brings love, beauty, harmony, and creativity to the world.

ENFP ignition spark — find meaning

ENFP sparks see opportunity in everything around them. They embody their wildest ideas. ENFP has high goals and ideals. It gives them incredible strength. When ENFP find meaning and an idea that truly inspires them, they strive to realize their dream by all means.

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