The meaning of life for each type of personality

A person loses the meaning of life when he experiences strong shocks. He lost his job, left a loved one, and has health problems. He is afraid for his life and his loved ones. It is not clear what to do when the world is destroyed.

We give meaning to life. If you are having a hard time, focus on what gives you feelings of strength, positive emotions, and satisfaction. Remember what you know and what you aspire to.

From the article, you will learn what strengthens each personality type.

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What gives meaning to life ISTJ Administrator

ISTJ Administrators find meaning in life in long-term relationships. ISTJ administrators tend to be married or in a long-term relationship. These are devoted life partners who consciously choose the type of relationship for a long time. Selflessness and traditional values enable ISTJs to overcome tragedy. The family gives them the meaning of life. It is essential for administrators that loved ones know that they can count on them.

Administrators are happy when:

  • create stability for themselves and their loved ones;
  • acquire a sense of competence and independence;
  • carry out their duties;
  • achieve the set goals.

Living is about creating a structure, a reliable stronghold, and maintaining traditions for an ISTJ Administrator. To find support, focus on the most stable area of your life.

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What gives meaning to life ESTJ Manager

ESTJ Managers constantly find life's meaning and efficiently move forward. Activities and favorite work areas for them are an inexhaustible source of strength and energy. The manager needs to feel involved in moving the organization forward. To do this, they apply maximum strength and ability. ESTJs love to lead and are flattered when people need their help.

Managers are happy when:

  • feel order, structure, and success in life;
  • achieve the goal;
  • organize others
  • make a tangible change in the world;
  • create a happy environment;
  • understand situations that others see as chaotic or unpredictable.

For the ESTJ Manager, life is when he achieves his goals and emerges victorious in everything he does. To restore balance, focus on achieving results at work.

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What gives meaning to life ISTP Virtuoso

ISTP Virtuosos find meaning by learning how the world works. They love to learn new information. ISTPs like to take risks to test themselves. Go to the mountains or create something new in your workshop. Virtuosos need a lot of unstructured free time filled with adventure and experimentation. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and delight.

Virtuosos are happy when:

  • feel autonomy
  • solve problems and look for solutions;
  • get involved in work;
  • go beyond familiar territory;
  • solve mental and physical problems.

For an ISTP Virtuoso, life is when he devotes himself to an important cause that brings profit and pleasure. To switch, immerse yourself in the task, work on it to the bitter end, and then take a walk in the fresh air.

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What Gives Meaning to Life ESTP Enthusiast

ESTP Enthusiasts find the meaning of life in living in the present. They are spontaneous, live here and now, and love it when everything happens immediately. Enthusiasts enjoy material things and adventure. They love to be surprised. ESTPs run around, do fun things, and test everything they can.

Enthusiasts are happy when:

  • are free;
  • change;
  • face what other people fear;
  • acutely feel;
  • overcome difficulties in critical situations;
  • active outdoors
  • engaged in mountaineering, rafting, and parkour.

ESTPs need spontaneity, excitement, and action. Life becomes meaningful for Enthusiasts when an unexpected train ride, a casual party, or an exciting surprise occurs.

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What Gives Life Meaning to an ISFJ Caring Helper

ISFJ Caring Helpers find the meaning of life in charity. They are true philanthropists. Helpers do what they promise and support those less fortunate.

Helpers are happy when:

  • can be in silence and loneliness;
  • around the order, comfort, and favorable environment;
  • feel safe
  • their life is stable;
  • walk in the fresh air;
  • listen to classical music
  • engage in calm sports (for example, yoga).

Life is about support and mutual help for the ISFJ Helper. Close people nearby and the practical activities they devote themselves to are essential. Think about how to get positive emotions right now.

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What gives meaning to life ESFJ Consul

ESFJ Consuls find the meaning of life in helping people. They feel what others need. ESFJs want others to appreciate their work and accomplishments. By advising others and caring for their material needs, ESFJs feel purposeful and determined. The consuls are pleased and satisfied in a sincere emotional connection.

Consuls are happy when:

  • organized the environment;
  • live according to the schedule;
  • realize that everything in life has its place, time, and order;
  • planned pleasant moments for the day;
  • communicate with someone in a natural, authentic way.

For an ESFJ Consul, life is helping others, realizing their values, and doing something worthwhile. Come up with a good project for others.

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What gives meaning to life ISFP Creator

ISFP Creators find meaning in creativity. Whatever genre ISFPs choose, the aesthetic and visual aspects are what they enjoy the most. They are satisfied with a life that aligns with what is important to them at the soul level. ISFPs feel the meaning of life when they make a tangible contribution to a vital cause. They can volunteer at an animal shelter or create artwork that conveys deep emotion.

Creators are happy when:

  • free and feel boundless possibilities;
  • communicate with pleasant and friendly people; 
  • feel beauty and harmony in their souls and the world around them; 
  • follow your core values.

For an ISFP Creator, life is when he creates things inspired by the beauty that awakens the senses. Creator interprets the beauty around and gives it a meaningful life. To regain energy and strength, be alone and do what you love in the free flow.

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What gives meaning to life ESFP Everybody's friend

ESFPs find meaning in life when they live in the moment, enjoying what life has to offer. ESFPs want to impact lives, change the world for the better, and do something meaningful. They yearn to captivate people and motivate them to be more positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic.

They are happy when:

  • people around them, relationships, and joyful impressions;
  • travel spontaneously
  • engage in team sports;
  • are at a big party and meeting;
  • furnish the house.

Change, move forward, be active — this is what ESFPs feel the fullness of life, which drives Friends forward. Don't hold back, don't be afraid, and trust your instincts and impulses.

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What gives meaning to life INTJ Strategist

INTJ Strategists find meaning in life when they learn, improve, and challenge themselves. INTJs are thirsty for knowledge and strive to improve their competence. They like to dive deep into a project or idea and focus their efforts on achieving goals.

Strategists are happy when:

  • solve a complex problem;
  • have an intellectual conversation;
  • read a philosophical book, classics, something scientific, about art or psychology;
  • are alone and think about life's mysteries, immersed in their mind's space.

INTJs are happy when they have the freedom to imagine and achieve their most important goals. When the first thing they do is do a difficult task before continuing their day. To regain your sense of novelty, set aside time when no one is distracting you, and let your brain indulge in reflection and analysis. Sport stimulates your mind and gives you a fresh perspective on problems.

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What gives meaning to life ENTJ Commander

The main desire and driving force of ENTJ Commanders are to lead. They want to put things in order using the energy of other people. Commanders are tireless in their work and sacrifice the joys of life for the sake of their favorite cause.

Commanders are happy when:

  • set long-term goals;
  • read philosophical books;
  • reflect on the higher meaning of life; — create something that no one has ever created before;
  • generate original ideas and implement them in the best possible way;
  • increase the competence of people around.

ENTJs are satisfied by reaching the goal and completing the task. When they grow and become wiser as a person. To return to life, challenge yourself, and conquer a new peak.

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What gives meaning to life INTP Scientist

INTP Scientists find meaning in life when they explore new ideas. They value knowledge above all else. For scientists, accuracy, knowledge, and the search for truth are important. INTPs strive to master everything they have in mind and understand how each piece of information relates to others. The scientist puts fragments of information together and creates a complete picture of the universe.

Scientists are happy when:

  • solve complex problems;
  • play with ideas and theories;
  • lead many projects that entertain the mind and arouse curiosity; — play chess and other strategic games;
  • attend art and cultural events.

INTP A scientist lives when he creates and brings his intellectual expertise and innovative thinking to the world. Immerse yourself in a difficult task, and it will give you pleasure.

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What gives meaning to life ENTP Entrepreneur

ENTP Entrepreneurs find true meaning in their lives free from bonds and responsibilities. ENTPs want to turn things around and solve long-standing problems innovatively. They are not satisfied with what they have. ENTP Entrepreneurs are changing the world.

Entrepreneurs are happy when: 

  • they solve incredibly complex problems; 
  • look for new approaches;
  • discover and explore;
  • intellectually debate with a competent sparring partner;
  • participate in brainstorming sessions with interesting people;
  • unleash the potential of something.

ENTP Entrepreneurs live by creating and inventing. To regain energy and strength, challenge yourself, take on a project that scares you, and see what you can change to improve it. Do something unexpected (but safe), and surprise yourself!

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What gives life meaning to life INFJ Oracle

INFJ Oracles strive to make the world a better place. They want to live meaningfully and have a deep connection with others. They may appear mysterious or closed to others. Sincerely appreciate genuine connections with people they trust.

Oracles are happy when:

  • looking for meaning, purpose, and direction;
  • foresee the future, represent the possibility in all nuances;
  • freely think and associate;
  • help other people find meaning in life; — combine harmony and work for the common good of all.

For INFJ, the meaning of life is when he creates the future and realizes his creative beginning. They try to understand complex human relationships.

Do something kind, write a chapter in the book you've been putting off, and find a little “adventure” you can go on. Remember that you are good the way you are and don't have to change for everyone around you. Experiment, explore, make mistakes, and love yourself just the way you are.

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What Gives Meaning to Life ENFJ Promoter of values

ENFJ Promoters find meaning in life when they realize dreams, their own and others. They enjoy the accomplishment and are inspired by the possibilities of the future. ENFJs are generous and empathetic towards other people. They are worried about the troubles of all humanity. ENFJs experience the feelings of others personally and are willing to act when they see people suffering.

The Promoter of values are happy when:

  • fight for the rights of others;
  • serve and help people;
  • feel close, supportive bonds with others;
  • work in a team;
  • emotionally support interchange.

ENFJ is happy when he sees human potential and inspires people to realize themselves. Contact someone who has a unique ability or gift. This connection will give you satisfaction in life.

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What gives meaning to life INFP Moral fighter

INFPs want to make the world a better place. INFP get what matters to them and rarely give up. INFPs strive for harmony in all areas of life. INFP is constantly looking for truth.

INFP are happy when:

  • perform work that brings value to people;
  • others recognize them and thank them;
  • resolve other people's conflicts;
  • retire and immerse in themselves;
  • they create.

The meaning of the life of an INFP Moral fighter is when he creates harmony and brings his values to this world. They must benefit others, be realized through it, and make the lives of others better. To regain a foothold, go beyond the conventions and create something no one has done before. You will get more satisfaction if your creativity serves other people.

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What gives meaning to life ENFP Ignition spark

ENFP finds the meaning of life in new adventures. The world is full of possibilities for them. Their imagination works better than others. Every day is like their last. Variety for ENFPs is the key to happiness in life — they have many friends and interests.

An ENFP is happy when:

  • explores new territories;
  • experimenting;
  • creates;
  • helps others realize their dreams;
  • expresses himself freely; — can go where inspiration leads.

For ENFP, life is novelty and creativity. To bring balance back into your life, do what inspires and pleases you.

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