The superpower of each personality type

Every person dreams of identifying and realizing the potential inherent in him. To live life to the fullest. Find out what superpowers each personality type has.

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ISTJ administrator — concentration

ISTJs are attentive and thoughtful individuals. They are observant and carefully study the situation. They act clearly and accurately. ISTJs are often laconic. They are slow to share an observation or assessment. But they are masters of their craft. The ISTJ in the project will make sure everything runs like clockwork.

ESTJ manager — an organization

Such people are the best for cleaning up. ESTJs soberly assess the situation, prioritize, appreciate the importance of details, and put everything on the shelves. ESTJs are leaders who quickly gain credibility with their rationalism and practicality. ESTJs make the best use of administrative resources.

ISTP virtuoso — resourcefulness

ISTPs keep a cool head even in crisis and intractable situations. They abstract from emotions and find an effective solution. Psychologist David Keirsey calls these people "tool makers." These are fearless people who are not afraid of the complexity of technology, equipment, or high demands on the skill level — the more complex, the more interesting for them. ISTPs are fast learners.

ESTP enthusiast — agility

Such people can be compared to a self-learning computer program. They quickly dive into the problem, analyze it, and offer solutions. ESTPs are crisis managers, nimble and agile. You can rely on them in critical situations.

ISFJ caring helper — devotion

ISFJs are experiencing social problems. They have compassion for others. ISFJs carefully study the problem and actively solve it. These are dedicated people who do not expect recognition.

ESFJ consul — helping others

ESFJs are actively helping others. But at the same time, they are far from abstract ideas. Organizers and strategists, ESFJs take concrete action and practically solve problems. They have a plan to get out of the crisis. ESFJs take care of everyone who needs it.

ISFP creator — passion

ISFPs are often outwardly reserved, but those who get to know them better know that they are empathetic and passionate natures. These individualists combine the artist's sensual nature, practicality, and determination. Their passion knows no external obstacles. They persistently go toward the goal and remain steadfast and devoted even under challenging circumstances.

ESFP everybody's friend — optimism

ESFPs get bored when there is no change. When the situation is unstable, and the future is unknown, the prospects inspire the ESFP. Such people charge the fallen in spirit with their optimism and curiosity.

INTJ strategist — strategy

These people are looking to the future. They capture trends and needs and form a goal by trying different methods and means. INTJs are result oriented and highly organized toward achieving them.

ENTJ commander — efficiency

ENTJs are visionary and determined people. Having set a goal, ENTJs go towards it without hesitation, discarding emotions and not going into details and details. These are strong leaders who are alien to doubt and self-doubt.

INTP scientist — analytics

INTPs strive to get to the bottom of everything. Such people catch logic in everything and look for the relationship, cause, and effect in scientific research and the love frame. They offer original and unexpected solutions. INTP hide how they came to their decision and give out only the finished result.

ENTP entrepreneur — innovations

ENTPs are curious and open-minded individuals. A crisis is a new opportunity for them. They offer a new solution for every problem and predicament. Logic and intuition combine in them with natural charm and charm.

INFJ oracle — vision

INFJs have a global vision of the situation in its development and perspective. The nature of human passions is revealed to them at a glance. These psychologists, writers, philosophers, and humanists show humanity the way to self-improvement.

ENFJ promoter of values — empathy

ENFJs are wise and discerning people. They capture the mood of the interlocutor and the atmosphere in the team. They give wise advice and behave so that others are satisfied and motivated. Read Seven ways to increase empathy

INFP moral fighter — integrity

In any activity, INFPs are guided by moral values. They will not take on a project they feel is dishonest and decent. If their work is for the public good and helps others, they are passionate, selfless, and inventive.

ENFP ignition spark — imagination

ENFPs keep you busy. They come up with something original and exciting and make the lives of those around them full, rich, and joyful. ENFPs brighten up the routine.

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