Top personality types of women and personality types of men

Is it true that there are particular personality types of men and women? Which of the 16 personality types are more common in men and which in women? The answer is in this article. But first, subscribe to our Telegram channel. We often publish such valuable articles!

Top most frequent personality types of women

ESFJ consuls (11%) are reliable and responsible. They act in the interests of others. People are their priority. Consuls are practical and knowledgeable about health, safety, and finances. ESFJs are warm and sensitive people who value relationships and those around them.

ISFJ caring helpers (11%) are dedicated and consistent women. They sacredly honor traditions and maintain relationships, caring for those around them. Keepers are loyal friends, attentive, and non-conflict. Female assistants look for the best in people and appreciate harmony and good relations.

ISFP creators (10%) are subtle, emotional, and sensitive natures. They have artistic perception and refined taste. They are not in conflict and understand the feelings of another person. Women creators are quiet, unpretentious, and unprepared to open up to the firstcomer.

Top most frequent personality types of men

ISTJ administrators (16%) are attentive and thoughtful men. Administrators are observant and delve into the details of the situation. They act clearly and accurately. They are true to their words and keep their promises. Administrators spend much time at work, devoting much energy to it.

ISTP virtuosos (9%) are independent and need a space where they are accessible, creative, and practical. Virtuosos always have their own opinion on any issue. These are loners who dislike being the center of attention and stay away from the crowd.

ESTJ managers (9%) are practical, enterprising, highly organized, and purposeful. Male managers have strong life beliefs and live up to their high standards. Managers choose active activities where they interact with people.

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