What is the best profession to study if you decide to change jobs: career guidance for the future

Changing careers in adulthood is typical. According to Indeed, the world’s largest job search service, 49% of American employees have radically changed their profession, and 65% are thinking about it. A radical change in activity will become even more popular in the future. Demographic changes reinforce this trend: by 2025, millennials (Generation Y, 1982-1995) will make up 75% of the workforce.

Have you decided to change your job? The good news is that you don’t have to go to University again. You can choose online courses. Nowadays, you can get many professions by studying at home (Is it difficult for you to study? Find out how to fix it with the Menteora!).

The question is, who do you want to work with next? Career guidance is one of the most challenging problems for a working person. Adults correlate and identify themselves with their professional activities. Not finding your job, for many, is the same as not finding yourself and not being realized.

Career guidance by skills that Menteora refutes

Traditional career guidance for mature people is based on their experience. You tell us what you know, what skills and knowledge you have. And in return, you get a list of professions where your skills will be helpful. Sometimes traditional career counseling advises professions that require you to acquire some additional skill in addition to your professional knowledge.

But this approach to career guidance cannot fundamentally change your job. After all, the specialist focuses on your skills. And if you continue your career in a related position, you are unlikely to find the peace of mind you crave! Nothing will change in your life.

What career guidance approach do we offer?

We came up with career guidance that does not depend on your knowledge and profession. It sounds incredible because it’s hard to imagine how you can successfully predict a suitable job for a person if we do not evaluate the professional skills of this person. However, our forecast works, and its accuracy reaches 80%. Read How does career guidance lead to success in life and career?

Predictive psychodiagnostics Menteora

How does Menteora’s predictive psychodiagnostics function work, ensuring such forecasts’ accuracy? The fact is that we use machine learning and mathematical statistics.

For career guidance, you need to pass our test. In the test results, you will see a list of professions. At the top of this list are the most suitable professions for you. You are probably wondering how we were able to do this. After all, in our test, there is not a single question about your skills. It’s all about math!

220.000+ people passed our test. Now we have a lot of completed questionnaires. Each questionnaire contains 63 questions. Read what the personality test Menteora is here. Two questions are needed in the test to collect statistics on professions. They are answered at the end of the test:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Does your work allow you to realize your best qualities and abilities?

It turns out that we have collected more than two hundred thousand completed questionnaires. Each questionnaire indicates a person’s profession and whether he is satisfied with his work.

We trained neural networks on this dataset. And now, each new profile is compared with those in our database.

What happens when you pass the test

Artificial intelligence will compare your answers with the answers of all predecessors. And it will identify a group of people of several thousand people whose answers will be similar to yours. If you and these people answered 60 questions of the test in approximately the same way, then indeed, you are very similar to each other. It is this similarity that we use in career guidance!

It turns out that professions that make people like you happy will suit you. The probability of this is 80%! Our algorithm will give you a list of professions that will suit you with a high degree of probability. In addition, the algorithm will write which professions you probably will not like.

What to do after our career guidance

Since we did not evaluate your skills or test your knowledge, we do not know if you can get the job right now that Menteora’s artificial intelligence recommends. We only affirm that this work will suit you and that you will like it.

Often in the test results, there are professions that a person has not considered for himself. Assess how far you are from these professions. And what do you need to learn to get this job? Read How to change profession in adulthood? Psychologist's advice.

Our task is to indicate the direction you should develop to realize the best qualities in your work and become happier.

Take the Menteora career guidance test; artificial intelligence will name your most suitable professions.