What is the personality test Menteora?

Menteora is a personality type test. You can find your personality type right now but subscribe to our Telegram channel. We often publish such valuable articles!

Why do people want to know their personality type? After passing the test Menteora, it is easier for you to do:

  • self-knowledge and personal growth;
  • career guidance and develop the organization;
  • train management and leadership skills;
  • solve problems;
  • improve family relationships;
  • make a curriculum and study;
  • explore and engage in science;
  • build relationships with other people.

But enough talk! You probably want to take the test Menteora! As a bonus, Menteora artificial intelligence will name professions where you will reveal your potential to the maximum!

How Menteora can help you

The test Menteora will tell you how you perceive the world and make decisions. The test results will show your strengths and indicate the profession in which you will be more successful (read How to change attitudes to make your career faster).

The test Menteora has become popular because it gives insight into activity aptitudes and how and why you make decisions and act in different situations. It will make your life more comfortable and you more confident!

Personality is examined on four scales:

  • orientation of consciousness (introversion—extraversion),
  • the direction in the situation (sensing—intuition),
  • decision-making basis (thinking—feeling),
  • way of preparing decisions (judging—perceiving).

How exactly the test assesses personality on each scale? Read here.

After passing the test, you will find out which of the 16 personality types you belong to. And get a detailed description of what qualities you have.

How the test Menteora helps companies

Test candidates for jobs at your company with the personality test Menteora. Hiring people based on personality is more effective than reading their resumes or references from previous jobs (read 93% of employers want to see these 8 soft skills in your resumes). Using reliable personality assessment tools, finding worthy candidates for the correct positions is more accessible.

It is also interesting that the personality assessment shows more accurately what the manager is capable of than the indicators of his current activities. More than 60% of companies appoint managers based on employee testing results.

Take the Menteora career guidance test; artificial intelligence will name your most suitable professions. The accuracy of the test is 70-80% because we use a mathematical-statistical algorithm (read about Menteora's unique career guidance methodology).