What to give a person when you know his personality type

When you know your friend's personality type, you'll pick up a precious gift for him. After reading this article, you will learn how to give loved ones only the most desired gifts! But first, subscribe to our Telegram channel. We often publish such valuable articles!

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Here are the gifts each personality type expects from you.

ESTJ managers love practical things. You can give them:

  • household appliances
  • money
  • gadget
  • accessory organizer

ESTP enthusiasts with self-starting practices and extreme athletes. Suitable as a gift:

  • a radical gift, like a skydiving certificate
  • weapon
  • money
  • ticket to a concert by your favorite band

ISTJ administrators will appreciate gifts that are useful in everyday life. They will like:

  • money
  • appliances
  • something nostalgic, like a set with sweets from childhood

ISTP virtuosos will appreciate your concern for them. Choose valuable gifts for them:

  • something for home or hobby
  • gadget
  • money
  • warm socks and clothes

ESFJ consuls will appreciate a practical gift that suits their interests and lifestyle. You can give them:

  • accessories
  • household appliances
  • gift certificate to your favorite store

ESFP everybody's friend inspirational gifts. Make them happy by giving:

  • bright and stylish jewelry
  • clothing store certificate
  • evening in a restaurant, a party on a yacht

ISFJ caring helpers will appreciate practical, caring gifts. They will like:

  • home comfort items
  • certificate in SPA
  • beauty products

ISFP creators will appreciate exquisite and aesthetic gifts:

  • beautiful things for the home
  • gifts for comfort
  • aesthetic experiences, such as going to a fashion show or vernissage

ENTJ commanders prefer to be leaders in everything. The gift should emphasize their status. They will like:

  • a gift card to a branded clothing store or wardrobe items and accessories selected by a stylist
  • perfumery, expensive cosmetics
  • fitness membership + personal training

ENTP entrepreneurs are creative and fun people. They are happy with gadgets or anything that reflects their interests. They will love the occasional gift. They will like:

  • new gadget
  • subscription to your favorite publication by interest
  • surprise gift or a little adventure

INTJ strategists are committed to their interests and work. They will like:

  • book or subscription to scientific publications
  • new gadget
  • stylish office supplies

INTP scientists, like other NTs, love gadgets but will be happy with gifts that will relieve stress and fatigue:

  • interesting gadget
  • a bottle of good wine
  • trip to SPA

ENFJ promoter of values is creative, emotional, and social by nature. They will love:

  • enjoyable trip/time in the company
  • going to a master class or lecture
  • original bright decorations

ENFP ignition spark values time spent together, originality and beauty. Give them:

  • holiday/ trip/ party/ concert ticket
  • beautiful dress / perfume / certificate for good cosmetics
  • something non-trivial: a flight in a hot air balloon or dinner in a luxurious restaurant with a panoramic view

INFJ oracles give in to their passions and interests. They will like:

  • interesting book
  • something for creativity
  • a master class in painting

INFP moral fighters are deep and creative natures. They will surely appreciate something for personal growth:

  • a cute, heartfelt gift
  • exquisite handmade jewelry

When does personality type help?

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