What you need to know when entering into a relationship with an extrovert

Extroverts are bright, creative, direct, and direct. There is no noisy company where they are not in the spotlight. Yes, they can win over and charm almost anyone. Learn about the critical features of people of this type of personality from our article. Subscribe to our Telegram channel. We often publish such valuable articles!

People always search for answers, new experiences, places, ideas, and people. I do not mean rescue operations and search activities. Today we are talking about relationships between people. The focus is on extroverts and their characteristic features.

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Let’s do something else!

Dating an extrovert is like discovering the world anew every day. For a person of this type, nothing is more important than new emotions, places, and people — the more, the better. Therefore, you can easily make a lasting impression by going with him to places you have not been to before. It can be a climbing wall, a painting workshop, or a new oriental restaurant.

Extroverts love surprises, so your choice may be limited only by your lack of imagination. Also, keep in mind that the most important thing is the atmosphere. According to research published in The Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, extroverts can unconsciously stimulate the release of joy hormones in the brain when in a pleasant environment.

I love you! I hate you!

Unlike introverts, who will never show their feelings to you under any circumstances, extroverts have everything that is called written on their faces. They openly express their feelings on any occasion: they push pathetic speeches, burst into tears, and wrap you in their sympathetic embrace. If an extrovert likes you, trust me, he will be the first to know about it. However, he will not remain silent about all the minuses.

Looking at the world through such a prism, an extrovert makes communication with yourself easy and relaxed, even if you see each other for the first time in your life. Do you want to know his opinion on this or that account? Just ask, and you will get a frank answer to your question.

An extrovert’s friends are your friends

Extroverts find it hard to be alone. The people around him calm his thoughts and charge him with positive energy: the more company making noise around, the better.

He likes to be in the center of attention and keep up the conversation on any topic voiced, unlike an introvert who is not bad at being alone. Well, or at least in a narrow circle of old friends. It is worth considering the extrovert’s need for a daily dose of society.

— Let’s go! — Where? — Anyway, let’s go!

An extrovert will always try to get you out of the house. Summer, winter — as scheduled. He doesn’t care if it’s raining on the street for the third day or if the thermometer outside the window is 30 degrees of heat. It’s time for adventure! Moreover, your cozy rest with a book or a laptop with a cup of coffee seems outrageously wrong to an extrovert, so he considers it his direct duty to save you from the captivity of square meters.

Life goes somewhere beyond the wall. It is necessary to break out there at any cost in the wild. And if he did end up there, be prepared to find yourself in the company of an expert guide, with whom the evening may become unforgettable — most notably, give him freedom of action. By the way, when you do not want to go anywhere, just honestly admit this to your partner. He will find others who want to because he has so many friends. Remember?

Did I say it out loud?

Extroverts are big talkers. No, this does not mean they chat for hours non-stop, although they like to have a conversation, which they can sometimes get too carried away with. Note: an extrovert can be caught on something if he, inflamed, blurts out too much. And this happens quite often because they are often emotional, but they do not want to inconvenience anyone with this. However, counting to ten yourself and choosing the right words is not about extroverts. They have what’s on their minds and their tongues. In communicating with an extrovert, you can partially be guided by Don Corleone’s rule: “Nothing personal.” Be sure: they will not want to offend you without good reasons.

I’m bored with you

Extroverts fear boredom like hell. The word “routine” makes them despair. This category also includes activities described by the adjective “ordinary” — most likely, this is doomed to failure. If you plan to invite an extrovert over to spend the day lounging on the couch while watching Star Wars, then this is an evil plan.

Researchers at the National Institute for the Study of Aging have found that extroverts are simply more cheerful and fun-loving people, which can positively affect well-being. At the same time, extroverts quickly get bored with one thing and immediately switch to new activities in search of sources of emotional satisfaction.

Therefore, when planning the day you want to spend with such a person, think first of all about the variety of the program: start with a bike ride, and end the evening in some noisy pub — that’s it. An extrovert will not even feel tired from delight.

Everyone is happy, and I am happy

Extroverts love to please, even if they can’t please themselves. They are such people — the soul is wide open. However, do not rush to underestimate; even more so, use this quality: extroverts recognize these frauds for one or two because they feel people very subtly. If they need something from you, they will not calm down when they hear “no” in response. Sometimes this can seem like a real problem, but here it is better to recall the words of the unflappable Corleone again. Show some respect for being an extrovert. And do not ignore his encouraging participation. He does it from the bottom of his heart.

We only live once in this world

Extroverts want everything. And right away. Immediately! They are, for the most part, impatient, impulsive, and ready to take action, unlike introverts. At the same time, they crave immediate results and rewards for their “feats,” It doesn’t matter what the prize will be: a trip to Goa or a glass of semi-dry. In general, extroverts are not very economical and do not always think about the future; saving up for a new car is not their style. They always want to live here and now, which they do well.

Perhaps I am an extrovert myself. I would like to admit: you always feel when you start to bother your inner circle with your conversations and sympathetic “How are you?” and all is well." Although sometimes it becomes a bit insulting: it seems that I wanted to help. But the answer comes to mind by itself: it is necessary to help not by word but deed.

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