Who is an introvert

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The most common definition of an introvert is a person who gets tired of communication and is energized by being alone, plunging into his inner world. Read I'm an introvert and won't come to your party. I have better things to do!

Introverts are usually quiet, shy, and introspective. They carefully consider decisions and plan everything. An extrovert is interested in the outside world. An introvert is focused on the inside.

Man is born with his temperament. Introversion and extraversion are temperaments. Temperament shows how you gain energy and interact with the world. Introverts have their sources of energy.

Introversion (as well as extraversion) is formed in the first months of life or even in the womb. By four months, you can already see the baby's temperament.

Not only genes are to blame, but also our life experiences. If your quiet, thoughtful demeanor is encouraged by parents, teachers, and others, you will grow self-confident. If you are teased as a sociopath or boring (why an introvert is not a sociopath), you may develop social anxiety or a desire to pretend to be someone.

Society treats introverted men and introverted women differently. Read 13 signs you're an introvert even if you don't know it.

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