Why pay for career guidance

— Do you guarantee that your artificial intelligence will find me a job?

— Not.

— What should I pay you for?

I like this way of starting a conversation, straight and to the point. Why stand at the ceremony? Find out right away that your money guarantees you.

Menteora personality type test is free. We will take money from you for career guidance. You can take our test right now and see the report with your own eyes:

Why does the test not guarantee anything?

People want a guaranteed result after spending their money and time. It is clear.

When we hear that someone guarantees us a happy life and a successful career, we want to immediately run to such a consultant and give any money just to get what we want.

An athlete can have the world’s best coach and excellent training. He will get to the Olympics. There is a possibility and hope, but no guarantee!

The same principle works when you use even a career guidance test as accurate as ours. You seriously increase the chances of finding a good job, getting a promotion, and finding new ways of self-realization. But no one guarantees you these results.

What exactly can you expect then?

A good career test will help you see your career situation in volume, with all the problems, without embellishment.

Will it make you happier? Probably not. And that’s why:

  • You will see inconsistencies between what you thought and what you are.
  • You will learn your career goals and explain why your career stopped. It doesn’t always bring joy.
  • You will realistically assess the plan for changing activities. Inspiration alone is not enough here. You need a plan and readiness for failure.
  • You must choose whether to spend a day off with friends or attend an industry conference and develop your networking.
  • When you are in a crisis, looking for new meanings and ways of self-realization, the test will show the reasons. Only you can decide whether to suffer further or start changing your life. Our test will indicate the direction, but you must act independently.


Stop living under the illusion that if you pay a few dollars for a career test, it will change your life and make you happy.

The responsibility for your career and life is yours alone. Our career guidance test is a great tool that increases your chances of success several times!

The Career Test will be your advisor and partner on your path to your career goals and change, but you are the leading player in this field!

Take the Menteora career guidance test; artificial intelligence will name your most suitable professions. The accuracy of the test is 70-80% because we use a mathematical-statistical algorithm (read about Menteora's unique career guidance methodology).