Why you shouldn't hide your introversion

Most of us are introverts. Someone accepts it and does not try to hide it. The majority, succumbing to TV and public opinion pressure, hide their introversion. I can say this is tiring, and I have no desire to do this. I am proud of it. Subscribe to our Telegram channel. We often publish such valuable articles!

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Today, in addition to the infographic about introverts, I would like to talk about the misconceptions that make people hide their valuable property and ignore the fact that...

The world is run by introverts pretending to be extroverts. Read Go to exhibitions and speak like an extrovert: what habits can change the character.

Let’s face it — there are many introverts, and they are no worse than extroverts and, in some ways, even better. Read Who is an introvert, and what are his strengths. After all, writers, artists, and scientists immersed in their inner world have benefited society greatly.

Nowadays, many forums and communities confirm that introverts live on the Internet.

1. What is introversion?

Introverts live like a human-sized walking ball. The main feature of true introverts, instead of just closed people, is how they get their energy. Extroverts draw their energy from their environment.

They soak up the “positive energy” of the people around them and therefore require much social interaction.

On the other hand, introverts generate their energy and, instead of taking it from others, give it away through social contact. It means that they naturally find most interactions tiring and take time to recharge. Since this energy is a limited resource, they tend to see extroverts as disgusting predators trying to steal their sweet energy nectar. That’s what this ball of personal space is for. Read Who is an introvert.

2. How to interact with an introvert

Just because someone is an introvert doesn’t mean they don’t like being around. Social contacts are expensive, and he doesn’t want to waste energy on anything annoying. Read How to make friends with others if you are a modest introvert.

When meeting an introvert

Say hello, be polite and relaxed, and show that you acknowledge and approve of his presence. It is essential for an introvert to feel welcome — he will not waste his precious energy on someone who does not want him in his environment. If you have exciting and noteworthy news to mention, say it. But don’t gossip.

The introvert knows you are friendly and open to interaction. But there is no need to impose on him a waste of energy if he does not have such a need.

Voila! That’s all there is to it!


  • Respect personal space (person’s ball).
  • Energy is limited.
  • Do not require energy to be spent on yourself when it is not necessary.
  • Do not take silence as an insult — it is not! Introverts get lonely, too.

3. Myths about introverts

Introverts are taciturn

It is not valid. They just don’t talk unless they have something to say. They don’t like empty talk. If you talk to them about something that interests them, it will be impossible to stop them.

Introverts are shy

Shyness has nothing to do with introversion. Introverts are not afraid of people but need a reason to connect. They don’t communicate just for the sake of communication. If you want to talk to an introvert, just talk to him. Don’t be afraid to appear impolite. Read How to stop being shy: 10 effective methods.

Introverts are rude

Introverts often see no reason for ceremonies and pleasantries. They want everyone to be natural and honest. Unfortunately, this is unacceptable in most cases, so introverts sometimes take a lot of effort to adapt, which is tiring.

Introverts don’t like people

On the contrary, introverts greatly value their few friends. They can count close friends on the fingers of one hand. If you are lucky enough to be an introvert’s friend, you have a faithful ally for life. Once you have earned his respect as a content person, he is with you.

Introverts do not like to go out into society

Nonsense. Introverts don’t like to go out into society for too long. They learn information quickly, so they do not need to spend much time in society to be “in the know.” They will go home to recharge and process their impressions. Recharging with calmness is vital for introverts.

Introverts are weird

Most introverts are individualists. They don’t follow the crowd. They prefer to be appreciated for their unusual way of life. They think with their heads and often challenge what is considered the norm. They do not make decisions based only on what is popular and fashionable.

A world without introverts would have few scientists, musicians, artists, poets, filmmakers, doctors, mathematicians, writers, and philosophers. Introverts cannot “fix” and deserve respect for their innate temperament and the benefits they have brought to humanity.

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