Predictive psychodiagnostics — career guidance of the future!

Our methodology

Menteora helps people choose their dream profession and become happy.

The Menteora test determines the individual behavioral style of a person. It is a modification of the well-known Mayer-Briggs typological questionnaire.

In addition to the traditional description of the psychological characteristics of a personality, the test makes it possible to predict in which area of activity a person is most likely to be able to realize himself and work with pleasure.

The use of machine learning methods made it possible to reduce the initial version of the test from 142 to 60 questions and, accordingly, the testing time from 25 to 10 minutes. And also to predict success in various areas of professional activity by 20% more accurately than traditional psychological tests (forecast accuracy up to 80%). The scientific substantiation of these data is given in many scientific articles.

The test results are presented in the form of a psychological profile, which reflects the ability of the individual to manage opposing tendencies:

  • E-I: replenish energy in the external (E — extraversion) or the inner world (I — introversion);
  • S-N: perceive information through the senses, based on facts (S — sensing) or through intuition (N — intuition);
  • T-F: make decisions based on logic (T — thinking) or based on values and emotions (F — feeling);
  • J-P: Deal with uncertainty and organize your work by planning and controlling (J — judging) or remaining receptive to uncertainty and spontaneous (P — perceiving).