Predictive psychodiagnostic

Menteora will reveal your personality type and help you better understand yourself. It will name professions that suit your temperament and in which you will be happy!

A unique feature of Menteora is the function of predictive psychodiagnostics — a forecast of job satisfaction in a particular field of activity.

Pass the test, and the algorithm will prepare an individual list of suitable and less suitable professions for you. "Complete the test in just 10 minutes!

The test does not evaluate your professional skills. For example, a predisposition to work in the financial sector does not make you an ideal banker. A low prediction does not detract from your ability in these professional areas.

The test reveals a predisposition to professions. The Menteora algorithm will compare your answers with those of hundreds of thousands of others to create a personalized list of professions tailored to your preferences. Your answers are anonymous, and the test results are anonymized. We do not collect or store personal user data.

The algorithm predicts predisposition to professions with a probability of up to 80% because the Menteora artificial intelligence has analyzed hundreds of thousands of profiles. Each questionnaire asks respondents about their current occupation, job satisfaction, and fulfillment in their profession. Based on this data, we predict your list of suitable professions. Learn more about our methodology.

Despite the high accuracy and a large amount of initial data, the predisposition to the profession is a probabilistic value obtained using stochastic machine learning algorithms and an utterly predictive nature. In simple terms, this is just a forecast based on data analysis and algorithms, albeit a very accurate one.